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Here are the latest offerings by Pipe Dream Books. Click on the pictures for more information. These stories are available in both printed and ebook form, and most are available as an audio book.

Birthday Wish Books

For ages 6 & up. Enter a world where you can ask for whatever you want for your birthday! Available in English and Spanish.

Josh Anvil Series Book 1-4

Weaved in YA/teen fantasy with elements of action and comedy, the Josh Anvil Series captures the trials of a high school freshman with powerful abilities at his command.

Fallen Powers Series Book 1

Follow the adventures of Beon, a forsaken prince in a castaway land.

 YA Thriller Series

My blood kills cancer. 
Yep, you read that right. The big bad C word that scares just about everyone these days. My blood kills it. Dead. Dead Kennedys’ invitation to the White House dead. Disappointed George Romero dead. Doesn’t matter what type of cancer. It quickly finds itself outmaneuvered, surrounded, and mercilessly crushed by an iron-red phalanx. Just a few drops of my blood—drops mind you, and miracles start happening. 

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