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Q&A with Kallie Ennever

Tell us about yourself: I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer from Sydney, Australia. My style is cinematic scenes with hints of fantasy and a strong influence of Surrealism. I am a visual storyteller specializing in concept design and digital painting; my tools of the trade are my dream diary, sketchpad, DSLR, Wacom & Photoshop.


What types of projects have you been involved with? I have worked on illustration, 2D animation & matte painting projects in various Sydney Animation studios including Heckler (Sixty40), Hackett Films and Mighty Nice. I have also worked with Bloomsbury Publishing and Australian writer Gabrielle Carey to create animated book trailers, and recently contributed to a 2D animated music video for a sydney based band.


What is your art background? I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (First Class Honours) after producing a major project of storyboards & concept art. 


What do you see yourself doing in the future? I am always looking for new outlets for my illustrative ideas, and thrive in collaborative situations where I can work with others to bring narratives to life. 


How can you be contacted? Feel free to visit my website: www.kallieennever.com. And contact me here: kaennever@gmail.com

A Sample of Kallie's Art Projects

Sample Video Project

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