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Josh Anvil Interview

Pipe Dream Books (PDB) shares with you this first exciting interview with Josh Anvil and Troy Thompson, the main characters of the Josh Anvil series.

PDB: Okay, we’re here in the Pipe Dream Books Studios with—

Troy: Say what?

Josh: Not even.

PDB: Oh yea, sorry. I’m kinda new at this. Let me start over. Get my notes. Uh…okay, we are on..how do I describe this…place?

Josh: A floating island.

PDB: Yea, okay. We’re on an island in the sky, right? And we’re sitting in a meadow, on chairs that are...what are these made of, anyway?

Josh: I don’t really know. The island just kind of makes them.

Troy: Along with a lot of other things. Did you check out those cool trampolines?

PDB: Uh, no not yet. Okay, we are here to talk about you guys and your recent adventures. So Josh, how old are you?

Josh: Fourteen.

PDB: And so tell me about yourself.

Josh: Okay. Well, I live…my actual house is just west of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I live there with my dad Chris, my mom Emily, and my sister, Candace.

PDB: Okay, so what is this story about? I mean, without giving it away.

Josh:  I was in the swamp one day—that’s really part of our property, and I usually like to go there to fish, hang out with my dad or Troy, but this time I went by myself. So yeah, I canoe out to my favorite spot so I can sit back and relax. Take it easy. But then I see some things that are kind of weird.

Troy: Really weird. Small midget wrinkled…things.

PDB: Tell me more about these things.

Josh: I can’t.

PDB: I don’t understand, you just said—

Troy: He can’t tell you about them because when he does, he will end up making more.

PDB: Now I am really confused.

Troy: Join the club. Josh got some super awesome powers, and now he can make all this living stuff, whenever he talks about it. It’s not fair, really.

Josh: You should talk, with the way you—ow!

Troy kicks Josh in the shins.

Troy: Not supposed to tell. You promised.

Josh: Fine. Okay, where were we.

PDB: What can you guys tell us?

Troy: Okay, a little about me. I live—or used to live with my dad and mom before they split up—but you also learn about that in the story. My house is a couple of miles from Josh. I’m 15, and have a girlfriend named Megan. I work at Taco Bell, and I have my own awesome car.

Josh: That he drives without—ow! Would you knock that off?

Troy: Too much information, remember? They need to read that part.

PDB: Okay, let’s focus, guys. Um…Josh, it says here you made a dragon. What can you tell me about that experience?

Josh: It wasn’t my fault.

Troy laughs.

Troy: Yeah, right. Someone made you do it.

Josh gives Troy an evil eye.

Josh: It was in English class we were all continuing a story my teacher started. So when it got to me there was this…you know…that I had to talk about. When I did, I somehow created it.

PDB: You made the dragon. How?

Josh shrugs his shoulders. Troy grins.

Troy: Try twelve. Hey!

This time is Troy who gets kicked.

Josh: Getting back to the story, it has a lot of action and adventure…suspense…

Troy: Danger…romance too, right Josh?

Troy laughs again. Josh’s face turns super red.

Josh: That is not public information.

Troy: It will be. Kirsten Gorge-ous, remember? Or is it Lisa? He can’t decide!

Josh grins at me and shakes his head.

Josh: Are we about done?

Troy: I am…I call dibs on the biggest trampoline!

Troy takes off running.

Josh: That one is mine! Hey!

Josh chases after him. I guess this interview is over. Stay tuned for future conversations with Josh and his best friend Troy about their adventures in the teen novel, Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door. This is Pipe Dream Books signing off.

Hey, did they just make a trampoline for me? 

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